About Montage

Montage is an unique initiative to bring together the most coveted cerebral talent in the country to compete on a different platform. Very few institutions in the country organize a programme with pure IT flavour. Enthusiastic participation of MCA students from all over the country can make the programme a mega success.

We request you to lend vibrancy to our campus by your vivacious presence and ebullient participation in the events being organized. The Programme has been created, innovated and conceived to enthral, intrigue and mesmerize intelligent young minds. Each event has been painstakingly designed to provide a funfilled, kaleidoscopic and psychedelic montage of unadulterated enjoyment and gaienty.

So all you young turks, come to our campus with a will to win and a heart to loose.

About ISIM

ISIM (popularly known as IIIM) is amongst the top three Management & IT institutions of Rajasthan which has been imparting quality education for over a decade.
Accredited by the coveted ‘A’ grade by NAAC, ISIM has been instrumental in imparting meaningful and value based education to its students for over two decades in the field of Management and IT. ISIM has been ranked first within Category ‘A’ for three consecutive academic sessions 2017-18, 18-19 and 19-20 in MBA and MCA programs by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota on the basis Quality Index Value (QIV) score. In 2017 it also won the ‘Best Employability Support for Students Award’ in which the institute was ranked among the best 25 preparation centers in South Asia by the Cambridge English Assessment.

At ISIM students learn to approach the world with confidence, diligence and ingenuity, a natural outcome of the curriculum and beyond the curriculum activities that inspire intellectual and creative growth. The vibrant student community is a rich amalgamation of varied life styles and personalities.
A kaleidoscope of mesmerizing, colorful cultural activities is organized for students to nurture and enhance their diverse abilities and encourage development of multi-faceted personalities.


What is Our Goal?

The institute has emerged as an integrated professional institute where learning is an optimal blend of ‘value based growth’ and ‘future-preparedness’. ISIM offers MBA and MCA programs duly approved by the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and affiliated to the Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. The institute has also been recognized by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota as the research center for Ph.D programmes in Management and Computer Applications.

  • To Develop a comprehensive worldview in the students with respect for all forms of life an foster an environment where people work together and are motivated to success.
  • To inculcate the zeal for individual excellence and yet reinforce the importance of team work.
  • To support a proper harnessing of latent and to encourage the students to take initiatives.
  • To provide an environment, in which the students and the faculty are driven by the spirit of enquiry in quest for knowledge.

October 18-19

ISIM Campus (Popularly knwon as IIIM)



Event Schedule

Day 1:   18 October

No Event Name Time Date Place
1 Udgosh 09:30AM - 11:00AM 18 October Auditorium
2 Brain Bench 11:15AM - 12:45AM 18 October Auditorium
3 Spectrum 11:15AM - 12:45PM 18 October Class Room
4 Cross Road 11:15AM - 12:45PM 18 October Computer Center
5 Drishti 11:15AM - 12:45PM 18 October Seminar Hall
6 Pixels 01:15PM - 03.15PM 18 October Computer Center
7 Aamne Saamne 01:15PM - 03.15PM 18 October Auditorium
8 Code Acumen 01:15PM - 03:15PM 18 October IBM Lab
9 D4U 03:30PM - 05:30PM 18 October Auditorium

Day 2:   19 October

No Event Name Time Date Place
10 PostIT 09:30AM - 11:30AM 19 October Seminar Hall
11 Web Vision 09:30AM - 11:30AM 19 October IBM Lab
12 Taal 09:30AM - 11:30AM 19 October Auditorium
13 Ooh La La 11:45AM - 01:45PM 19 October Class Room
14 Thru-Ur-Eyes 11:45AM - 1:45PM 19 October Computer Center
15 Bits and Bytes 11:45AM - 1:45PM 19 October IBM Lab
16 Euphony 04:00PM Onwards 19 October Auditorium

Event FAQs

There is no registration fee for MONTAGE participation.
Participation in MONTAGE is completely free of cost.

MONTAGE is open for all MCA and BCA students.

Participants can dress formally or in their college uniform.

You can contact us by given email OR phone number OR you can also visit us at ISIM campus (Popularly known as IIIM).


Event Location

International School of Informatics & Management Technical Campus
Sector 12, Mahaveer Marg
Mansarovar, Jaipur
Phone: +141-2781154
Email: iiim@icfia.org

Help Desk

Dr. Vijay Gupta:
Contact No. +91-9783307389
Dr. Preeti Tiwari:
Contact No. +91-8875003216
Ms. Manju Lata Joshi:
Contact No. +91-9116029004